The Coach

Along with being an excellent developer of young players, and bringing out their best qualities, both on and off the field, Pancho's knowledge and expertise of conditioning and game tactics is what has made him one of the top coaches in the area and beloved by parents and players.

Practice, develop, and win...
Love the game...
Play beautiful...
that is Ugarte Soccer!

Click on the images below to see the diplomas full size...

"A" License
U. S. Soccer Federation

Univ. Europea de Madrid School of Physical Activity and Sports Science
Real Madrid University

2008 Georgia Youth Soccer Assoc.
Coach Of The Year

"B" License
U. S. Soccer Federation

I.N.A.C.A.P., Instituto Nacional de Capacitación Profesional; 2 semesters of Company Administration and Coaching

Olympic Committee of Chile, Olympic Development Program Diploma

Federation of South America &
Chile Tennis de Mesa Anti-Doping Programme

1st Place... Tournament Champion
(Picture/Tournament Name to Come)

1st Place... Tournament Champion
(Picture/Tournament Name to Come)

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